Capone Machinery’s goal is to satisfy every customer, starting from the search for the machinery suitable for their needs up to commissioning and training of staff.

to do this we have surrounded ourselves with the most valid expert collaborators, to be ready for any request

A long Experience

Capone Machinery was born after a long experience in the field of graphic machines. Maurizio Capone, the founder, after 12 years in one of the biggest companies in the sector, decides to make his professional career grow, opening his own company and making available to customers all the knowledge gained over the years, continuing to update himself on the new technologies in the sector

Professional, Friendly Experts

My name is Maurizio Capone, I define myself as a person Energetic and ambitious, strongly inclined to the achievement of objectives, with a strong enterprising character


  • Language: Italian, English and German

  • Passion for Technology

  • willpower to accomplish set goals