Knorr KSM 137 Cutting line

Cutting line with Knorr (German brand) paper cutter KSM 137-8 year 02-2004 with automatic rear-table loader and unloader, both year 2005:
Loader KNORR BLS-145-4 year 2005
Automatic rear-table loader for guillotines Format max; 80x120cm Ream height max.; 16.5 cm Stack height max.; 145 cm Lifting height 10/145 cm Lifting Capacity 250kg Weight net 2100 KG
Unloader KNORR ABS-130-4R year 2005
Pile Height max: 130 cm
Platform usable size: 81 x 121 cm

Status: Used
Brand: Knorr
Year: 2004
Size: 137